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Why It's Important to Use Detox Shampoo

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Shopping for shampoo is simple, right?

Sure, you can walk into the drugstore and grab any bottle off the counter, and it will clean your hair. But something you will find out if you get in touch with your local Bristol hairdressers is that not knowing your hair’s needs can really hurt it in the long run.

Shampoo is not a one size fits all product. Everybody has a hair type, texture, volume and many other defining traits that emphasise just how unique your hair is. Having that extra shine and healthy bounce can do wonders for your self confidence, and it’s only fair that you give yourself the boost you deserve. Looks aside, let’s get into some other reasons that you should consider ditching the drugstore bottle and heading to your local Bristol hairdressers to find out which detox shampoo is the best option for you.

It Makes Your Hair Healthy and Light

Opting for a detox shampoo, some of which are available at your local Bristol hairdressers, is choosing the more natural path to get rid of residue, minerals, and oils.

Other hair products can make your hair look fantastic for a certain amount of time, but they leave buildup that weighs your hair down and can cause changes in texture and overall health over time. A good detox shampoo will help to remove any buildup left behind by other products and leave your hair feeling lighter as well as giving it more bounce and shine. How can you not want to (quite literally) feel a little less weight on your shoulders?

It Gets Rid of Hard Water Deposits

Hard water is an issue we all understand living in England, but do you know about the effects hard water causes to your hair?

If you ask your local Bristol hairdressers about the effects that hard water can have on your hair, then they will tell you that the abundance of minerals found in hard water crystalise on your scalp over time, hardening it. Thus, limiting the amount of hydration and moisture that your scalp receives and causing damage to it as well as your hair.

A good detox shampoo will rid your scalp of the excess minerals and allow your pores to soak up all of the wonderful moisture that leaves your hair looking and feeling strong, healthy, and beautiful.

It Removes Salt Water and Chlorine

Who doesn't love to take a nice relaxing dip in the pool or swim in the sea to escape the heat of the summer?

As much as you might love the feel of the cool water soaking into your hair, one thing to keep in mind is the negative effects salt water and chlorine can have on your hair, causing damage that nobody wants to deal with. If you want to continue enjoying your favourite summer activities but don’t want to damage your hair, you’re in luck.

There are a lot of great products out there that you can use to protect it from the damage and allow you to enjoy the water without worry. Your local Bristol hairdressers can point you in the right direction when it comes to products, and you can purchase a number of products including Kevin Murphy’s Maxi Wash Detoxifying Shampoo right in the salon.

To Put It Simply

When it comes to your hair you want it to be healthy, you want it to feel and look great and you know that it is difficult to avoid things that can damage it. It is very important to go to your local Bristol hairdressers for regular cuts and treatments in order to keep your hair healthy and strong, but you can also take steps at home and using products like detox shampoos to prevent damage is a great place to start.


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