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Finding the right hairdresser is extremely important. Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you and it frames your face, impacting your overall look. The right stylist understands your hair type, lifestyle, and preferences to determine flattering cuts, colours, and styles for you. They know the latest techniques and trends to keep your hair healthy and fashion-forward. An experienced, talented hairdresser also provides a relaxing and comfortable salon experience and makes helpful product recommendations suited for your needs. Investing time to find a stylist you genuinely connect with and whose work you love pays dividends for your confidence, style, and hair health over the long run.

This is the kind of superlative experience a salon like BME aims to offer its customers.

Nestled in the heart of Bristol is BME, one of the city's premier hair salons founded in 2019 by veteran stylist Benjamin. From the sleek and elegant interior design to the top-notch customer service, BME is an oasis where clients can relax and leave with confidence that their hair will look and feel beautiful.

Bristol's most successful hairdresser

The Team at BME

With over 25 years of international experience under his belt, Benjamin created BME with the goal of providing clients with an unparalleled salon experience. The BME team strives to go above and beyond for each and every client.

Meet Siana, a talented BME stylist passionate about all aspects of hair. She loves meeting new people and finds it rewarding when her customers love what she does with their hair.

Then there's Natalie, a seasoned stylist who has spent 16 successful years in the hair industry and even collected a global award along the way. Natalie aims to make every client feel confident and elegant when they leave her chair. Through her vast experience and keen eye, she consistently delivers beautiful, transformative styles tailored specifically to each person.

And let's not forget junior stylist Amy, who's currently completing her NVQ hairdressing certification while working alongside BME's experts. Amy has dreamed of being a hairdresser ever since she was young. She loves having the opportunity to learn all aspects of hair while contributing to the salon's vibrant atmosphere. Amy gains invaluable knowledge each day working with Benjamin, Siana, Natalie and the rest of the BME crew.

A One-of-a-Kind Salon Experience in Bristol

With a balanced blend of youthful energy and seasoned expertise, BME's tight-knit team offers a one-of-a-kind salon experience for Bristolians. More than just haircuts and styles, they provide clients with confidence through their hair and a welcoming sanctuary to relax and feel pampered. Since opening its doors in 2019, BME has made its mark as Bristol's premier destination for all things hair.

Ready for a Makeover?

If your hair is ready for a makeover, the team at BME are here to help. They can bring your flat hair to life with some restorative treatments and a brand-new style. BME is one of the top hairdressers in Bristol, so if you live locally or are willing to travel for a hairdresser that is always up-to-date with the latest hair trends and offers an outstanding service to its customers, you won’t have a better experience.

You can find us in the Paintworks BS4. Make an appointment today!

Booking an appointment with your favourite hairstylist means you’re sure to walk out feeling refreshed and confident, but have you ever stopped to think about how hairdressing has evolved here in Bristol? For what seems like thousands of years now, hairstyles have helped to shape that particular moment in terms of aesthetics. But when did these trends start?

Hairdressing in Bristol

Let’s take a deep dive into hairdressing in Bristol and embark on a journey through time.

Look to Ancient Egyptians as the Initial Trendsetters

The word ‘trendsetter’ is tossed around quite freely nowadays, but when it comes to the original trendsetters in terms of hairstyles, look no further than the ancient Egyptians. It wasn't just about looking stylish; a person's hairstyle said something about their role and status in society as a whole. The more intricate and eye-catching the style, the higher up in society they were.

Braided wigs in particular were common among noblewomen and Egyptian pharaohs, and could even be classified as a work of art in their own right. It's impossible not to conjure up an image of Cleopatra without also envisioning her signature dark locks and thick bangs that defined and framed her face.

The Middle Ages Saw a Shift in Hairstyles

You can then hit the fast-forward button and stop in the Middle Ages to see another defining moment in terms of hairstyles. Suddenly men were getting shorter cuts, and women were wearing long, flowing styles. Much of the style was influenced by the Christian church.

During the Renaissance ages, it was a step back in time to Roman and Greek hairstyles, going right back to the beautiful braids and flowing curls that were once popular.

The Victorian Era to Present Day

A time of great change in hairdressing here in Bristol and the UK as a whole was the Victorian era to World War II. So many different styles came and went, from elegant simple styles to more practical options that allowed women to work in the factories during World War II without fear of their hair getting caught in the heavy machinery.

After World War II, trends started coming and going much faster, and you could pinpoint a particular style, cut and colour that was stylish in that particular decade. Thanks to social media and the speed of information in the present day, trends seem to occur at breakneck speeds nowadays. Bristol area hairdressers are tasked with staying on top of it all.

Feeling Inspired to Get a New Hairstyle?

If all this talk of changing hairdressing techniques and styles has left you inspired to make a change yourself, it’s well worth looking into our experienced and creative hairdressers in Bristol. Just remember, when it comes to what’s trending, you also want to factor in your hair type, length and how much maintenance you want to deal with moving forward. Your hairdresser can work with you to create the perfect look, meeting all your expectations.

The one thing to remember about hairdressing in Bristol is that it’s truly a journey through time. The trends here have been heavily influenced by other areas of the world and what’s happening during those times, and this is something that won’t change.

Transforming your look is a rite of passage every person must go through. There will come a day when you are bored of what you see in the mirror, and you decide that it’s time for a hair transformation. When that day comes, our salon is here for the journey. It is a proven way to boost self-esteem, regain confidence, and improve mood, so what are you waiting for?

Bristol's Most Talented Hairdressers

Why Hairstyle Matters

How your hair looks and feels is one of the biggest deciding factors that dictates how you feel about your inner self and outer appearance. The hair is so defining, in fact, that people even insure it. The wrong cut and a mismatched style can throw off your whole vibe and leave you with depression and anxiety.

What You Need from a Haircut

There are three basic elements to a great haircut. Number one is the stylist with the scissors behind the scenes. Number two is a style that suits your face and personality. Number three is the right haircare to maintain the new look. All of these things combined create a long-lasting impact and are a winning formula.

A Style That Suits

How do you find the perfect style for your hair? Maybe you’ve been here before and thought you’d found the ultimate match, but it turned out to be a dud. Perhaps you’re sticking with the same cut you’ve always had. Whatever the answer is, it really makes or breaks a haircut appointment. Try out some hair apps and talk to your stylist about what could suit you vs. what won’t.

The Stylist

Fortunately for you, our award-winning hairdressers in Bristol has a team of expert professionals ready and waiting to carry out your appointment. We understand what it takes to deliver exceptional standards and ensure that we listen every step of the way to give you exactly what you want with the right balance of guidance as well.


Having the right products to maintain your look is non-negotiable! We use and sell a range of top-tier haircare shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that are all available to take home with you for a great price after your appointment. If you find something you love, it makes sense to keep on using it to preserve your look and keep on feeling great about the haircut.

How a New Look Is Often the Way to Go

While sticking with what you know is comforting, there are benefits to creating a whole new you when it comes to hair. Not only will it award an instant dopamine rush to the brain, but it will also get you a ton of compliments. Both these things are fantastic ways to boost serotonin and a general sense of wellness. A great, fresh cut might just be the thing that skyrockets your confidence levels and helps you take charge—it’s been known to happen.

Transform your look with our talented hair stylists today by booking an appointment and talking through the options. You never know how a new look might just bring you positive vibes and amazing feelings.

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