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Getting the Hair of Your Dreams: Secrets for a Successful Consultation

We all love the feeling of leaving the salon with a gorgeous head of hair, but we also understand that, sometimes, knowing how to approach a consultation can be daunting. If you’re visiting a new stylist for the first time, or you’ve had a bad experience in the past, talking through your expectations can be nerve-racking. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to make the process easier – in this guide, we’ll be discussing some of the secrets for a successful consultation, so that your stylist can turn your vision into a reality.

Prepare Inspiration Pictures Ahead of Time

First things first, before you sit in the chair for your cut or colour, you should be preparing inspiration pictures ahead of time that can be shown to your stylist. Having photos to hand on your mobile phone means you don’t need to worry about articulating exactly what style you’re hoping to achieve in words – this way, your stylist can see exactly what you’re picturing without any confusion.

This approach is also perfect if you don’t know much about hair – don’t risk confusing any terminology and leaving with the opposite of what you wanted!

Communicate Clearly and Openly

When you’re talking through your vision with a stylist, it can sometimes be difficult to express how you feel, but communicating clearly and openly from the very start will give you the best chance of a perfect hair day. Your stylist wants you to feel comfortable to share your thoughts and doubts, especially if your vision is very particular or you’ve had a negative experience before, so prioritise honesty and clarity next time you’re sat in the chair.

Listen to Professional Advice

One of the biggest challenges for stylists, especially in the digital age, is the way social media can distort expectations around what’s possible when it comes to hair. Often, photoshopped or enhanced pictures can leave both clients and stylists disappointed when real-life doesn’t quite match up. However, the great news is that, at your consultation, if you listen to the professional advice of the experts, you’ll know exactly what you can expect. Plus, many salons are breaking down barriers in terms of what’s actually achievable.

For example, some hairdressers in Bristol are doing incredible work with exciting new techniques, and taking professional advice on board is the best way to leave the salon super happy with your new look. By unlocking the secrets of successful hairdressing in Bristol, BME can offer a relaxed and informative consultation.

Discuss Haircare and Maintenance

Finally, without the correct maintenance, any hairstyle can seriously suffer after you leave the salon. By discussing haircare and the right maintenance techniques for your desired style at your initial consultation, you can determine whether the style is one that you’ll be able to care for before you commit to it. If not, you still have the rest of your consultation to discuss alternative styles or colours that might better suit your lifestyle and daily routine.

Getting the best results from your next hair appointment doesn’t need to be hard – by knowing the secrets of haircare consultations and following the professional advice of your stylist, you can easily achieve the look of your dreams.


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