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Hair Styling Trends in 2023 as Predicted by Bristol Hairdressers

Bristol hairdressers need to keep in touch with new trends in hair styling to be prepared for whatever style a client wants. Trends come and go, but while they are popular, they are described and illustrated on social media, with fans and followers copying the looks of their favourite celebrities. Here is what Bristol hairdressers predict for 2023.

If you can recall “the Rachel”, a haircut designed to improve the condition of Jennifer Aniston’s hair by her stylist, you will recognise the similarities with the C cut, also sported by Aniston. In fact, the transition from the Rachel to the C cut is a natural one. This is the most popular cut in 2023.

The C cut is perfect for face framing and suits any shape face. It is a shoulder-length style with long, soft curls that wrap up towards the chin. Look at a few photos and take your favourite one to your salon for the top hairstyle of the year.

Mixing Styles

With individual expression firmly entrenched and examples abounding across social media, it is no wonder that the hairstyling industry has been affected by people looking for something unique and expressive of their personal style. This has resulted in a trend at reputable hairdressers in Bristol where clients are asking for the front of one style to be combined with the back of a different style.

The 70s and 90s are still providing a big influence and its these older favourites, like mullets and shags, that are being mixed and matched to create a brand-new style.

Going Short

Clients in Bristol are asking for really short haircuts, after many people grew their hair out during the Covid pandemic due to the difficulty of getting to a salon with restrictions in place. Now people are shrugging off the isolation and the long strands in favour of short, square bobs, pixie styles, and fringe cuts and many are going really short.

The chic and sexiness of the French girl bob is making it one of the most sought-after short styles in 2023. Hair is being cut for a fluffy appearance, with layers and the fringes cropped. An added big benefit is the lack of maintenance needed for this style; you simply wash and wear it tousled.

New Life for an Afro

Hair that coils and curls naturally lends itself to the latest Afro trend, the Deva Cut. Hair is cut while it is dry, in sections so that it has a natural fall. The great texture of coiled hair looks stunning with this newcomer, which answers the cry for more curls that everyone is asking for.

The Middle Ground

We have seen an abundance of short hairstyles coming into fashion in 2023. But Bristol hairdressers noted that some people are uncomfortable with hair that is too short while not wanting it too long either. They are recommending the 90s Midi Cut (also called the Chelsea Cut) for these clients. This style is preferred by Kim Kardashian and features shorter hair framing the face that is lengthened towards the back, with plenty of bounce and movement. Be aware that you will have to do some styling beyond wash and wear to get the most out of it.

Speak to your Bristol hairdresser for the latest style to meet your needs.


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