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What is The Difference Between Balayage and Ombre?

Whether you’ve never dyed your hair before or you are a hair dye veteran, odds are you have heard of both ombre and balayage hair. Your local hair salon in Bristol can show you, there is nothing quite like the smooth transition from one shade into another to please the eyes and make you feel like a millionaire.

Some people might have a hard time differentiating between the two similar, but oh so different, techniques. Although both are very popular and stunning colour styles, you probably want to make sure you know what you are asking for before you take the leap and dye your gorgeous locks.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is derived from the French word that translates in English to ‘sweep’. What this means is that the colour is swept throughout the hair in a subtle and gentle manner.

A balayage manages to achieve a low maintenance and still stunning look with little to no upkeep from you. Seeing how a balayage starts away from the roots and is so subtle it is not necessary to constantly take a trip to the local hair salon in Bristol to get touched up, unlike some other techniques that start to lose their appeal as the colour grows out.

What is Ombre and How is it Different?

Ombré, much like balayage, is also taken from a French word, this one meaning ‘shadow’.

A balayage, as you have learned, is a very gentle transition between different shades that sweeps through the hair and creates a very subtle contrast, but an ombrė on the other hand is a less subtle but still beautiful nonetheless transition from one (usually darker) colour into a much lighter one.

An ombré usually starts with a darker root and transitions into a lighter shade that requires bleaching. The contrast in ombré hair is a lot more striking. If you are going to have either of these colour techniques performed on your hair it is always recommended that you leave it to the professionals at your local Bristol hair salon.

Which is More Expensive Between a Balayage or an Ombré?

Getting your hair coloured by a professional takes time and a lot of patience. You are not going to achieve salon quality looks by trying to cut costs. The feeling of shining, healthy hair is well worth the extra money you will spend.

Because a balayage is a more detailed and unique to everybody process, it is naturally going to cost a bit more. A full balayage will also cost a bit more because as stated above, it requires far less maintenance and upkeep than an ombré style. If you have any questions regarding the cost or process don’t hesitate to reach out to your local hair salon in Bristol.

How Long Does a Balayage Take?

A beautiful balayage done by a professional can take time, but the amount of time spent in the chair will be well worth the gorgeous result that you are left with in the end. You will leave the salon feeling like a brand new person. A proper balayage can take anywhere from one to four hours depending on your hair and the colours you have decided to go with. Though it may seem like a long time, your local hair salon in Bristol will make sure you are comfortable, and you will be leaving the salon feeling like a film star in what feels like no time at all.

How Long Does Balayage Last?

If you are spending your hard earned money and your valuable free time getting your hair done odds are you are going to want lasting results. The best thing about balayage hair is that when it is taken care of properly, it can last for four to five months without requiring any touch ups. When you do start noticing your colour losing its vibrance and in need of a touch up make sure to visit your local Bristol hair salon to ensure that your hair gets the proper treatment it deserves.

If you’re ready to give yourself your balayage or ombré hair dreams, get in touch with us today to make a booking.


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