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3 Hair Styles to Try in 2023

Hairstyles come and go. From the ‘Rachel’ look courtesy of Friends, to the mullet, best left behind in the 80s, some styles are better than others. If you are determined that 2023 is going to be a good year that requires a stylish new ‘do’, read on for some inspiration.

Go Short

Shorter styles look set to be in this year, which is perfect for anyone with cute, heart-shaped faces and delicate elfin features. If you are currently rocking longer hair and are sick of spending hours washing, conditioning, and drying it, you can relax.

Bobs never really go out of style, but this year, barely-there bobs are all the rage. Go for a square-cut bob or a looser French Girl bob. Think short and slick. Pixie cuts are also cute and practical and suit most face shapes. The pixie cut is also flattering to older ladies with thinner hair.

For the best of both worlds, try a Bixie, a cross between a Bob and a Pixie cut. It’s longer and looser, but with plenty of face-framing texture, the best way to transition from a pixie cut without going through the dreadful shaggy phase.

We can expect to see a lot more androgynous styling through 2023. Short, sharp cuts suitable for men and women are already appearing on the catwalks. Whether you identify as she, he, or they, this is the hairstyle to try this year.


Curtain bangs continue to be popular into 2023. Cut your bangs so they start midway between the eyebrows and the nose and part in the middle, like curtains. This look suits both short styles and longer cuts. Heavy fringes work well, but so do wispier cuts. Maybe start with a wispier, feathered fringe and work up to heavy curtain bangs once you feel more comfortable with the look.

Alternately, try softer, layered bangs and cropped fringes. Kiera Knightly rocked this style back in the 90s when she had a short pixie cut with long feathered bangs. It’s a great look if you want an edgy vibe.

Funky Colours

2023 is the year to experiment with colour. All shades of red are making a huge comeback this year. Think vibrant magenta through to copper and russet tones. Red shades flatter many skin tones and enhance the natural colouring of people with warm skin undertones. If you don’t want to go full red, try adding red highlights to brown hair to add light and warmth.

Pink is another colour to try this year. Barbiecore pink is popping up in the world of hair, alongside softer pinks. Pastel pink washes are perfect for natural blondes, but if you have darker hair, your hairdresser will need to apply the colour to a lighter base. Look for hairdressers in Bristol to discuss your options. If you’re not sure about going full pink, try pink highlights first.

Be experimental this year. Whether you prefer rocking longer, layered styles or fancy a change, make this the year your hair was on fleek!


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