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Skip The Box Dye and Leave the Hair Colour to a Professional Hair Salon in Bristol

You notice your roots starting to grow out, your vibrant colour is beginning to fade, we know how tempting it is to reach for that box dye but if you resist the temptation, we promise your hair will thank you.

Head into your favourite hair salon in Bristol and talk to your hairdresser about the options that will leave your hair refreshed, revived and gorgeous without the risk of damage due to harsh chemicals.

Drugstore box dyes are a seemingly great way to go, they are convenient, fast and most of all they are budget friendly, but you will never have that fabulous shine and light as a feather bounce that only comes from a trip to a professional hair salon in Bristol.

We could sit here all day and talk to you about how fantastic it is to get your hair coloured by a professional hairdresser,, but let’s talk about why it is so important to do so.

1.Nobody applies hair colour like a professional

There are many reasons to take a trip to your local hair salon in Bristol and let a professional hairdresser colour your hair, but one big factor to take into consideration is the application.

Sure you can pour a bottle of dye in your hair and lather it up like shampoo and sure, to the blind eye it might look fine, but when you really look at it you are bound to notice uneven colour and patches of hair that are missing colour altogether.

Uneven hair colour can be quite unpleasant to deal with and why put yourself through that if you don’t need to? You lead a busy life and the last thing you need to worry about is covering up those pesky spots and worrying about being embarrassed by your hair.

2.Your hair is just as unique as you are

One size fits all may work for some things in life, but your hair is not one of them.

At BME Salon, a hair salon in Bristol we are aware of that, and we will go above and beyond to make sure we find a colour formula that works for you personally. When a box promises to give you a beautiful and vibrant head of hair regardless of your hair type, it is safe to say that maybe you should put it back down and go see a stylist.

At the salon, a professional will use a certain amount of toner and developer for your particular type hair, you can not get this level of attentiveness from a box. If your shampoo and conditioner are intended for a certain type of hair then there is no way that a box of dye filled with harsh chemicals can magically colour any type or texture.

3.It is incredibly difficult to come back from the box

Maybe you’re in a pinch, maybe your favourite hair salon in Bristol is all booked up this week, and you’re in a hurry.

There are a lot of possible reasons that grabbing a cheap bottle of dye might seem pretty enticing, but one thing we urge you to consider is how difficult it will be to repair any unnecessary damage or correct any colour mishaps you are left with. Virgin hair is every stylist’s dream for the simple reason that there is no previous colour or chemical for them to fight with.

Every box is different, and every person’s hair is different. There is no telling how your hair is going to react to certain colours being placed on top of existing colours. If you walk into a salon after dying your own hair, you need to be ready to spend a little more time as well as money to get your hair back to that gorgeous healthy state in which it once was. What once seemed like a cheap alternative to a salon grade colour has now turned into a much more expensive and time consuming option.

Ready to get your dream hair at the salon?

To put it simply, hairdressers exist for a reason. If we could all just do our own hair and have it look and feel the way we do when we leave our local hair salon in Bristol, we wouldn’t need salons in the first place. Next time you are browsing your local drugstore and you see that box with the beautiful model smiling back at you through a veil of stunning, vibrant locks, please keep in mind that model did not achieve their beautiful colour from a box dye.

Come in and visit us, you won’t regret it.


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