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How to Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage

When it comes to styling our hair, it’s pretty hard to avoid heat. Whether we want sleek pin straight hair or big body classic Hollywood curls, we’re probably going to be using hot tools to achieve the glitz and the glamour we want.

But the good news is, to avoid heat damage, you don’t have to give up the hot tools all together. BME, a hair salon in Bristol, wants you to protect your hair from damage while still achieving the beach waves of your dreams.

If you want to learn more about how to protect your hair from heat damage, keep reading.

What is heat damage?

First, let’s talk about what heat damage actually is.

Heat damage happens when styling tools are used at a temperature that is too high. This is a very common occurrence that many people tend to overlook when styling their locks.

Unfortunately, once the damage is done and the structure of the strands have changed it can not be reversed. You may not be able to undo the effects of heat damage, but if you visit your local hair salon in Bristol, you can take preventative steps to ensure the damage doesn’t happen in the first place.

The best way to avoid permanent damage to your hair is by knowing the signs.

Signs of heat damage

There are a lot of tell-tale signs that your hair is damaged. Heat damage can be very obvious, or it can sneak up on you, and nobody wants that. Here are a few signs to look out for.

Split ends

Split ends occur when your hair physically splits apart or becomes frayed at the ends. Though they are called split ends, the split can happen anywhere along that strand of hair. This is often the result of dehydration from excessive heat draining your hair’s moisture. You can visit your local hair salon in Bristol for regular trims to keep up with split ends.


Frizz is nobody’s friend! When your hair is exposed to an excessive amount of heat it will lose its’ elasticity and break off, what’s left are tiny broken hairs standing out causing the frayed look everyone loves so much.


Your hair looks its best when it is shiny, vibrant, and full of life. When your hair starts to lose that shine and becomes dull looking and dry, there is a good chance that heat is the culprit. If you visit your local hair salon in Bristol, you can learn what you need to maintain that healthy shine and you will leave feeling like a supermodel.

Changes in hair texture

Your hair is part of you, and you want it to be as smooth and manageable as possible, but when your hair becomes too damaged, you may start to notice that it is losing the soft, silky feeling that you are used to. You can recognise heat damage based on whether or not your hair has become unusually coarse or feels frayed at the ends.

Now that you know how to identify heat damage as well as a professional hair salon in Bristol, you just need to know how to prevent heat damage.

How to prevent heat damage in your hair

Knowing how to recognise heat damage is great, but knowing how to prevent it from occurring in the first place is definitely better. You can visit your local hair salon in Bristol to purchase products that will help protect your hair and keep it looking healthy and strong. Here are a few things that you can do in order to prevent heat damage.

Keep your styling tools at the right temperature

When you turn on your flat iron, it may be tempting to crank that heat up to 230 degrees and get the quickest results, but if you avoid the maximum heat settings you may just save your hair from becoming damaged. However, if you want that fresh from the hair salon in Bristol feeling, we recommend using a GHD professional quality flat iron at the right temperature. One of the best things about GHD professional quality flat irons is the fact that they have only one optimised heat setting. Keeping your flat iron at this setting will help you avoid overheating and drying out your hair while you style it.

Use a heat protecting product

There are plenty of creams and sprays out there that you can use on your hair before styling. These products act as a shield for your hair and allow you to style without having to worry so much about the potential damage that is being caused. Kevin Murphy Heated Defense spray, available for purchase at our local hair salon in Bristol, is designed to protect hair from heat damage up to 232 degrees celsius.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

You know how important it is to keep your body hydrated, it is also important to do so for your hair. One of the biggest causes of heat damage is your hair losing the moisture that it needs to stay healthy. There have never been more products available to you that can help to keep that moisture in and maintain the bounce and elasticity that makes your hair look beautiful. It is easy to forget the hydrating step in your routine but your hair will thank you for it,

You should be able to feel confident about your hair and there is no reason that you can’t.

Following the simple steps to prevent heat damage and recognising the signs of it are crucial in ensuring that you can go out with your head (and hair) held high.

Visit your local hair salon in Bristol and give yourself the star treatment you deserve.


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