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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy In The Winter

It’s no secret that when the temperatures begin to drop and trees start to bare, many people start to feel those winter blues creeping up on them. Winter can be rough for a multitude of reasons from the sun setting at 3 in the afternoon to flu season, but one area that your local salon in Bristol will tell you that tends to get overlooked when it comes to the toll winter takes is the damage it can cause in your hair.

Why Does Hair Get Damaged More In The Winter?

Winters make the hair dry, susceptible to static, and regularly lead to split ends and damage. The exposure to the harsh cold elements and regularly going from the cold outdoors to a heated building or car can very easily drain all of the moisture from your hair and cause it to become much more inclined to damage. If you find yourself with split ends due to the cold, dry weather your favourite salon in Bristol can take care of them for you.

Now that we have talked about what causes the damage to your hair in the winter months, let’s talk about how to prevent the damage from happening.

Brush Your Hair With Care

It is crucial to remember when brushing your hair in the winter that when the hair is dry it is much more prone to breaking, making it incredibly important to brush gently in order to avoid unnecessary damage. Tangles can be frustrating and sometimes you just want to tear through them as quickly as possible, but having patience and taking your time will save you a significant amount of pain in the future. Purchasing a good brush is the first step, if you want to know what type of brush you need to avoid damaging your locks get in touch with your local salon in Bristol.

Try To Avoid Bleach

Who doesn’t love to have a nice beautiful new colour to go with their fresh haircut and style? As tempting as it can be to use bleach on your hair in the winter to maintain that sun kissed summer hue you’ve become attached to, it is recommended that you try to stay away from using bleach or lightener in the coldest months. Bleach and lighteners get into the hair strands and break down the proteins in order to remove the pigment. It takes time for the hair to recover from lightening treatments and during the winter when your hair is dry it takes quite a bit longer. If you do find yourself craving the lighter tones in the winter make an appointment with your local salon in Bristol to make sure your hair gets the professional treatment it deserves.

Fight Static Electricity

Static electricity occurs when the air is too dry and moisture cannot penetrate your hair strands. That being said, the dry air in the winter is an absolute nightmare when it comes to static electricity and your hair. One of the best bits of advice for keeping your hair healthy with that pesky static electricity hanging around is to moisturise your hair. Your local salon in Bristol has many products available to help you keep the moisture in your hair and the static out.

Hydrated hair is much heavier than dry hair and in turn that keeps the strands of the hair more bonded together. Adding moisture changes the composition of the hair and prevents the static electricity from repelling the strands of hair away from each other, resulting in that ever so lovely fly away look you get when you take a winter hat off.

If you have questions about how to maintain your gorgeous locks throughout the winter, come and visit your local salon in Bristol.


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