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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Hairdresser in Bristol

Do you find yourself fighting with your hair daily? Does it seem like you’ve had the same style for years and are ready to mix things up? Just like with fashion, hairstyles also come and go with some being more on-trend than others. If you live in the Bristol area and are ready to make a big change to your hair, you want to be sure you find a hairstylist that is up to the task. Let this act as your ultimate guide to finding your perfect hairdresser in Bristol, so you walk away thrilled and confident with the results.

Hairdresser in Bristol

Know What You Want Before You Arrive

Before you can start looking around for the perfect hairstylist in Bristol, it's important to know what kind of style you want. Some stylists specialise in specific cuts and trends, and some are more experienced with naturally curly hair. Making sure you and your stylist are a good match will help determine the results.

Not sure what look you’re going for? You can begin by researching the trending styles for 2023, paying close attention to the hair type and thickness so you can find the right match. It’s important to be realistic with your expectations, as your stylist can only work with what you’ve got.

Friends and Family Can Be a Great Source for Recommendations

The next tip is to ask for recommendations from friends and family for hairdressers in Bristol. Think about people you know who have the styles you like and ask what stylist they visit. Word of mouth is often the most powerful type of advertising for hairstylists.

Read Online Reviews with a Grain of Salt

You can also read online reviews of local stylists, but be sure to take these comments with a grain of salt. You don’t know what the situation surrounding those comments is, so these aren’t usually as helpful as recommendations from friends and family. If, however, you notice a lot of people sharing the same concerns, then it’s probably a valid red flag.

Does the Stylist Have an Online Portfolio?

Thanks to the digital era, many stylists now have online social media accounts or salon websites where they can showcase their work. You can flip through the styles and cuts they’ve done to get a sense of their work. Don’t hesitate to ask questions as this can help you narrow down the options.

A Consultation Ensures You’re on the Same Page

The final tip is to schedule a consultation with the hairstylist before moving forward with a cut, colour, cut or style. This is a chance for the stylist to take a look at your hair, offer input and suggestions, and see if the two of you are on the same page. They can let you know if your desired results are achievable, and if so, what’s the process involved. If you’re making a big change, it could require many steps spread out over multiple appointments.

Taking the time to use these tips will help ensure you find a fabulous hair stylist that understands you and your vision for your hair.


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